To Heal a Grieving Heart

This powerful magic spell is a semi-reversal of a similar spell that incorporates a reverse spell component to accomplish a different goal. This spell can be cast at any time of the day or night.

You will need:

  • A small ball of modeling clay
  • A sheet of waxed paper
  • A small white paper box
  • Seven fresh, red rose petals
  • A seven-inch length of white ribbon

Knead the clay gently until it is soft and pliable. Place the clay on the sheet of waxed paper and mold it into the shape of a small heart. Next, gently lift the heart-shaped clay from the waxed paper and hold it in the palm of your left hand. Speak the following words aloud:

May the Seven Winds heal this heart.

Having spoken the words, tear the clay heart in two pieces and lay them on the waxed paper. Next, speak the following words aloud again:

May the Seven Winds make this heart whole again.

Gently, lift the two pieces of your clay heart from the waxed paper and begin kneading them together in your hands. Once again, place the clay on the waxed paper and form the shape of a heart. When you have formed and shaped the new heart, fold it up into the waxed paper, wrapping it carefully, so as not to damage it. Place four rose petals in the bottom of the box and lay your heart, wrapped in waxed paper, on top of the rose petals in the bottom of the box. Next, place the remaining three rose petals on top of your heart. Draw the following symbol on the inside of the lid:

grieving heart

Place the lid on the box and tie it with the white ribbon. Hold the box in your right hand and speak aloud the following words:

May the Seven Winds heal this heart and make it whole again.

Place the box in a safe place, where it will remain undisturbed.

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