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Health Pacettino Spell

A health spell that supposedly started in Italy, found its way into Spain, and eventually realized its full potential in Portugal. Karanina harvested this spell from the Ivory Coast. This spell brings health to the worker of the spell.
Very Important: This spell is an aid to the well being of the spirit of the worker of the spell and therefore, the individual's health in general. Under no circumstances should any spell be used in place of proper medical attention from a licensed physician. Persons who are ill or injured should always seek proper medical attention.

You will need:

Three beeswax candles Seven white rose petals
A pinch of salt
A white envelope
A sheet of paper
A pencil and an eraser

Light the three candles.

On the paper, write your name and the date of your birth. Next, write the health problem you are experiencing.

Using the eraser, erase the health problem as thoroughly as you can--be careful not to tear the paper.

One by one take the candles and drip wax onto the paper, covering and sealing your name and your date of birth.

Take the rose petals and place them in the center of the paper. Next, take the salt and sprinkle it over the rose petals.

Fold the paper, with the rose petals and salt inside, and place the whole in the envelope. Seal the envelope and write today's date over the seal.

Extinguish the candles.

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