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Heart of Stone Spell

A Protection Spell for the Heart: This spell is used to fortify one's self against the advances of an unsuitable or dangerous lover or suitor.

You will need:

A sharp or jagged stone must be obtained. The stone should be small enough so that it may be easily carried on one's person and remain undetected. A sharp-edged jewel suits the purpose well and cleverly hides its intent. A ring with any natural, cut stone is perfect, as are any natural, cut stones with sharp edges. Any small rock that is jagged or sharp will work quite well, so long as it may be easily carried. A pearl or smooth stone will not work.

Light the four candles at midnight, on the night of a full moon and place them as shown below. Use the compass to determine the locations of the candles. The stone or jewel should be placed in their center.


West  O   Stone  O  East


Once all the candles and the stone are in place, speak the following words aloud:

Stone of the ground,
Formed by the strength of Mother Earth?s mighty hand,
Pass your power to my heart,
That it may hold a firmer stand,
Keep off that which tries pass,
To hurt, to twist, to impart pain,
Lay your boundary, solid, strong,
That may not come through again.

Extinguish the candles. The stone should be worn or carried any time you feel the need for added strength and security against an intrusion to your heart.

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