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Hex Off Spell

This very effective Scottish spell-breaker can be used to throw off any type of spells, hexes or incantations.

You will need:

A beeswax candle
A length of twine about 6 inches long
A sharp knife or pair of scissors
A sewing needle
A metal pan (such as a cake or baking pan)

Stick the sewing needle into the side of the candle approximately ½" from the top of the candle. Light the candle. When the needle falls out, you can work the spell.

Once the candle has burned down to the needle, hold the twine tightly between both hands and repeat these words aloud:

Where you come from, I care not
Where you go, best you be gone
Leave me now and let it be
The bond is cut, so by this done

With the scissors or knife, cut the twine in half. Lay the pieces in the pan, making note of the freshly cut ends.

Take your candle and drip wax over the ends of the twine that you just cut to seal those ends.

Extinguish the candle.

Next, take your sewing needle and piercing both pieces of twine, pin them together.

Keep the twine pinned and put it in a secure place in the room where you sleep.

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