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The Hiding Spell - A magic spell for hiding people and things

This spell is best used to secret away an object, but often works well on a person. Therefore, of all that is spoken to in this spell concerning an object, may it also be applied to a person.

The object or person should be as still as possible whilst this spell is being cast. No interruptions should occur during the incantation and if they do, the spell must be begun anew. This spell should be cast only at the midnight.

Begin the spell by first lighting a solitary candle which the caster must hold whilst reciting the incantation. Next, there must occur a sprinkling of a pinch of a salt and rosemary mix over the object.

Once you have the candle and the sprinkling has been completed, recite the following words aloud:

Spirits of the darkness
Shadows of the moonless night
Invisible legions of the world without light
Gather ye now round that all may hear
Gather ye now round that all may see
Gather ye now round that all may be
In accordance as one
Acting as guardians
Shielders and protectors
Hiding this form from the light of day
From the senses of the seekers
So that even whilst they search in earnest
Lo, shall it not be found
So it may be
Let it be.

Place the object in a safe and secret place.

Magic Spells from the 21 Spells of Domesius Collection