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The Incantation of Naberius for supernatural protection and spiritual peace...

WHEN ye feel the need for protection or peace from a troubled or disruptive spirit or another who hath brought unrest to thy life, the Incantation of Naberius should be worked to eliminate these troubles and rebuke them that hath wrought them upon ye.

The protection of Naberius must be sought on the twelfth day of the month in the early eve, after the sun hath set. A single candle should be lighted and set upon a table and in its center. Round the candle shall a circle be drawn. On a piece of natural paper ye should inscribe the following symbols in their order:

The Incantation of Naberius

The paper should be placed in the circle. The invocation to Naberius for assistance need be spoken in this way:

I charge thee Naberius, governor of nineteen legions, that thee shall hear mine command and to ignore thee shall suffer in the everlasting fire by the will the virtue of the highest. Hear thee Naberius that the trouble wrought by another shalt be banished and not offered entrance more in that thee be bound to the pain of everlasting torment for thy disobedience. So I ask thee Naberius, so let this be done.

The spirit Naberius should be discharged. The paper should be carried with ye so to carry the power of Naberius at thy side.

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