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The Incantation for Wealth and the Giving Over...

ON the second night of the full moon, three candles of beeswax need be lighted and placed in the form of a triangle on the top of a table and in its center. In the center of the triangle, ye shall place a cup of wine and into the wine, a single coin whose worth matters not.

The following invocation should ye recite aloud:

Spirits of the earth, sky and sea, upon this night of the second full moon I beseech thee that thee intervene for mine part. Let no harm nor evil come mine way, nay, neither bodily nor ghostly on this night and at this hour.

I summon thy power in the name of Baell, Paimon and Agares that mine request be attended and thine hands be laid firmly upon this night. Let suffer no more the empty coffer thy worker who hath called thee to this place. Upon fear of retribution, pain and punishment, cast forth thine legions to gather all that be mine due. Allow them keep not that which is mine but offer over instead at thy command. So, this worker doth ask and so by the power invoked in the names of the three, Baell, Paimon and Agares, shall it be so.

When this incantation hath been cast, the spirits should be duly discharged. The candles should be extinguished in the reverse order they were lighted, the coin should be removed from the wine, the wine should ye drink and the coin should ye carry and never spend.

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