Incantation to Increase Wealth - A magic spell to increase fortunes

At the time of the setting of the sun, dig a small shallow hole in the fresh earth. The hole should be about the size of your fist.

Into the hole, place the following items, in this exact order:

  1. One fresh oak leaf from any type oak tree
  2. Three new coins
  3. One strand of your hair
  4. A pinch of salt

Repeat the following incantation:

Open earth, source of growth, foundation of the world
Into thee I cast mine fate, I cast mine hope
Forget me not at growing time
Forget me not when the sun shines upon thee
And with its fiery power warms thy ancient bones
Causes that which lies in wait
Waits within your fertile womb
To spring forth and sing thy praise
For I sing thy praise this day
I sing thy praise and plead thee cast thy favor upon me
That in thy abundance I might share
So that mine stores shall swell
The fruit of our labors overflow
That I shall be chosen to receive.

Fill the hole with the same dirt which had been removed.

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