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The Invocation of Forneus for the turning of a foe...

THE invocation of Forneus is intended for the purpose of gaining the friendship of a foe. It is a powerful invocation and well-suited. A circle must be drawn and into the circle ye must place a piece of natural paper formed to a square and drawn thusly as follows, taking care to copy the symbols into the four corners and to write the name of the foe ye wish to turn:

The following invocation need be spoken to conjure up the presence of Forneus so that he may attend thy desire:

I conjure, constrain, command, and bind the spirit of Forneus by the two edged sword, except thou be obedient, the sword cut thee in pieces, and condemn thee into the pit of everlasting pain where the fire goeth not out, and where the worm dieth not, that thee attend my will and command and that this person be brought to me no more as foe but as a friend. So this I ask and so shall it be.

The invocation having been spoken, the paper should be burned in the fire and the spirit of Forneus dismissed by the Dismissal of the Spirit.

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