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An Invocation of the Lost Souls for answers to questions feared to ask...

THE Lost Souls be wanderers and gatherers of information unknown to those with task at hand. They are the bearers of the light to the obscure corners of the realm. Much truth and knowledge may be gained from them but caution must be made to avoid prolonged engagements as they seek rest and a home and need to continue on their journey lest they be doomed to forever search.

Light a single candle that it may act as a beacon. Draw a circle upon the ground and speak ye the following invocation:

Pray thee now Lost Souls, take but a minute's rest and in thy rest find solace that thee might no longer wander. I do bind thee and constrain thee into mine will and power; that thee being thus bound, may come unto me in great humility, and to appear in thine circles before me visible, in fair form and shape of human kings, and to obey unto me in all things, whatsoever I shall desire, and that thee may not depart from me without mine discharge. And if thee do against mine precepts, I will promise unto thee that thee shall descend into the profound deepness of the sea, except that thee do obey unto me.

Having summoned them, ye may ask what ye wish, but remember be quick to ask and quick to listen.

Having finished, the spirits must be dismissed with the Dismissal of the Spirits and the candle should be extinguished lest no latecomers arrive unwelcome and unnoticed.

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