Love at Length Romance Spell from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Love at Length

Extend the duration of your lovemaking. This spell works well when cast at any time.

This spell can be cast over a man or woman, for yourself, your partner or both. A strand of hair from each of the persons over whom this spell is to be cast is needed. The hair should be no longer than four inches in length and can be cut if needed. Shorter than four inches is fine. You will also need a small quantity of crushed, dried, hot pepper seeds.

We will assume that you are casting the spell for 2 persons. If you cast the spell for only one person, you will only need a strand of hair from that person.

Light a beeswax candle. Place a piece of paper, approximately six inches long and two inches wide, flat on the table. Pour some melted wax from the candle along the length of the paper and pulling one of the strands of hair straight, attach it to the paper. Try to keep the hair as straight as possible. Do this again with the other hair. Sprinkle some of the pepper seeds down the center of the paper, between the two hairs. You should end-up with something like this:

love at length

Roll the paper so that you have a six-inch long roll and seal it securely, including the ends, with wax from the candle. Extinguish the candles. Keep the roll in the room you share with your lover.

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