Love at Light Romance Spell from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Love at Light

A spell for increasing early-morning passions. This spell should be cast in the evening.

This spell requires a small piece of white fabric, a few drops of your lover's favorite perfume or cologne, a bay leaf, a small quantity of crushed almond and a piece of sting with which to tie the fabric.

Place the bay leaf and crushed almonds in the center of the piece of fabric. Sprinkle a few drops of the perfume or cologne over it all. Form a small pouch of the fabric and tie it closed with the string.

Light a single beeswax candle.

Hold the pouch in both hands and speak these words:

Scents of passion fill the air,
Like the morning's dew
Lovers fresh, lovers strong,
Lover's thirst renews!

Place the pouch under the bed you share with your lover. The spell can be refreshed as often as needed simply by holding the pouch once again in both hands and reciting the invocation.

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