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Love Ferra Spell

A Romanian love web. An excellent spell for keeping a love.

You will need:

A pen or pencil
A sheet of paper
A length of twine
A beeswax candle

This spell should only be performed during a waxing moon.

Light the candle.

Trace the following drawing on the sheet of paper:

Love Ferra Symbol

In the center of the web, write your name and the name of the person you wish to remain in love with you.

Take the candle and drip some wax over both of the names.

Roll the paper while the wax is still warm and tie it with the twine.

Keep the paper in a safe and hidden place.

On the back of the piece of paper, write the subject you wish to learn.

Carry the paper with you especially during classes or times when you need to absorb and retain information.

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