Love Lock Romance Spell from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Love Lock Romance Spell

A binding spell for locking-in your passionate partner. This spell works best on the night of a full moon for optimum results.

You will need to obtain a strand of hair from your lover.

You will also need a feather from a dove.

Light three beeswax candles and place them in the formation of a triangle. Tear a small circle of paper about three inches in diameter. Write your lover's name and your name on the piece of paper using ink. Place the piece of paper in the center of the candle triangle.

Next, place the strand of hair on the circle of paper.

Extinguish the candles. Pour some melted wax from each of the candles onto the piece of paper so that the strand of hair is attached to the paper. Light the candles once again.

Place the feather of the dove onto the center of the paper. Extinguish the candles and once again, drip melted wax from each candle over the feather so that it is attached. Extinguish the candles.

Place the paper, with the strand of your lover's hair and the dove's feather attached, into an envelope. Seal the envelope. Hide the envelope in a safe place where it will not be found.

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