Love Nest Romance Spell from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Love Nest

A unique ritual for turning any location into a Love-Nest. This spell works well when cast at any time, day or night.

Start in any room and repeat the ritual in each room until completed. Do not allow any interruptions to the ritual.

You will need a cone or stick of your favorite incense and an incense burner for each room. Take care to use the same scent and type of incense throughout.

On the eve of a waxing moon, light a single beeswax candle. The candle should be placed in a holder that can be easily and safely carried about.

Carrying the candle into each room, light an incense in the center, or as close to the center of the room as possible.

Carry the candle to each corner of the room and recite the following invocation as you reach each corner:

Spirit of Passion, find favor in this place.

Repeat this process room-by-room until each room has been visited. When finished, extinguish the candle, but allow the incense to burn completely in each room. If the incense goes out, it may be lighted again.

Note: If you miss a room or a corner, or if the candle goes out before you have completed the ritual, the ritual must be started again, from the beginning.

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