Love Spell 1

A love spell that can be used to gain the love of a person whom you desire. This is a powerful love spell. Please use caution when casting it.

At dawn, draw a circle in the center of a natural piece of paper with Love Oil or natural vegetable oil. In the center of the circle, write your name and the name of the person whose love you wish to gain.

Recite the following incantation:

Circle of love,
In the light of the dawn
Let the warmth of the sun
Ignite within the heart of my love
A reciprocal love,
That my love
Should not go unrequited.
Dawn of the new day
Light of the world
May your power last long,
Till the end of days,
To the moment of the final light.

Roll the paper to form a tube and tie it with a piece of red string or yarn. Place the paper in a safe place and leave it undisturbed.

Once you have gained the love you desire, unroll the paper, fold it and place the folded paper and the string used to tie it in a sealed envelope. The envelope and its contents should then be buried in the earth—never to be disturbed again.

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