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Luck Spell

A magic spell for good fortune. This spell brings good luck to the worker of the spell.

You will need:

Three small stones
A green leaf from any variety of plant or tree
A beeswax candle
Three strands of your hair
A small bowl of spring/river/stream water
A small cloth bag or a paper envelope

This spell should be worked on the night of a full moon, as close to midnight as possible.

Light the beeswax candle and place it on a flat surface such as a tabletop. Place the bowl of water between you and the candle. Place the stones, leaf and strands of your hair in the bowl of water.

Speak the following words aloud:

On this night, I ask the moon,
Daughter in the sky,
Bring me luck, and bring it soon,
'Fore this night goes by.

Pick up the candle and drop a couple of drops of melted wax into the bowl of water. Extinguish the candle.

Place the bowl, containing the stones, hairs, wax, leaf and water in an area where the bowl will catch the light of the moon. You will only need to expose it for the one night of the full moon.

On the following morning, immediately remove all items from the water and place them in an area to dry. Do not force dry them — allow them to dry on their own.

Once the items are dry, place them in the cloth bag or paper envelope and close the bag or envelope.

Very Important: If the bag or envelope is reopened, the spell will be broken and the spell would need to be worked again with fresh items.

Carry the bag or envelope with you for luck.

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