Luck Spell 1

A spell for good luck, this spell should be used when your luck or fortune is in a neutral position, meaning, your luck is not running bad, but seems to be absent.

This spell works best on the eve of a waxing moon.

Place a lighted candle in the center of a table. Around the candle, form a circle of seven dried apple seeds. After you have formed the circle of seeds, draw, around the outside, another circle, using Luck Oil or natural vegetable oil to trace its form.

luck spell 1

Once this has been done, recite the following incantation:

Seven seeds for seven sides
Winds within the circle round
Bring me luck to here abide
My fortune to abound

This having been said, extinguish the candle. Place the seeds in a small bag, envelope or any convenient container and carry them with you for good fortune.

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