Luck Spell 2

A spell for luck, this spell should be cast to break a run of bad luck. This particular spell will not bring you good luck, but will serve only to neutralize your luck.

Light a single candle and place it on a table or counter. Using Luck Oil or consecrated rainwater, draw a pentacle on the table or counter. Place the lighted candle in the center of the pentacle as shown below:

luck spell 2

Take a wooden toothpick or small, thin dried twig, and dip just the tip of each end into Luck Oil or consecrated rainwater. Repeat the following incantation while holding the toothpick or twig between your hands:

Evil luck be gone
With this symbol, I break your hold
Tin to silver
Silver to gold

Snap the toothpick or twig in half. Immediately dip each broken end into the Luck Oil or consecrated rainwater.

Extinguish the candle and dispose of the broken twig or toothpick so that it is no longer in your home. The spell is cast.

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