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Money Cup Spell

A wealth spell that Karanina claimed to have run across while vacationing one year in Austria. She always said this was the best spell she'd ever found for accumulating wealth.

You will need:

An earthenware cup
A small coin
A beeswax candle

This spell is begun on the morning of a coming full moon.

At sunrise, place the coin outside where it will be exposed to the rise of the sun and will remain in the light of the sun for the entire day. Do not move the coin once it has been placed in a suitable spot.

At dusk, flip the coin over and leave it alone while the full moon rises. Do not move the coin.

At midnight, begin the spell.

Light the candle.

Get the coin.

Place the cup in front of you.

Drip some wax in the bottom of the cup and repeat these words aloud while doing so:

By the power of the sun and the moon
Has this coin been imbued with the draw
To itself may its like attract
As it goes, may it triple back

Place the coin in the warm wax in the bottom of the cup. Seal the coin over with more wax from the candle.

Extinguish the candle.

Keep the cup in a safe but open space.

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