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Moon Child Spell

A powerful magic spell to receive protection drawn from the Earth and Moon. This unique magic spell draws upon the power of both the Earth and the Moon for the protection and power it provides.

You will need:

A jewel that you regularly wear or carry (a ring with a jewel is perfect)
Fresh spring water (one cup)
Fresh moss
A clean drinking cup

Two days prior to a full moon, wrap the jewel in the moss and allow it to remain so overnight. The next morning, remove the jewel from the moss, dispose of the moss and wash and rinse the jewel thoroughly. Do not wear the jewel that day.

The following morning, the day before the full moon, fill the cup with the spring water and place the jewel in the cup. Cover the cup to keep impurities out. Allow it to remain so, undisturbed, overnight.

The following day, on the evening of full moon, after the moon has risen, stir the water three times with your right forefinger in a clockwise motion. Take the cup in your hands and in a clockwise, stirring motion, move the cup in a clockwise, circular, stirring motion three times. Then, repeat these words aloud:

Moon, bright moon,
Child of the Mother Earth,
Send down your power and strength,
Impart them to this jewel,
Stone of the ground, seed of the heavens,
In the flowing crystal water,
Milk from your mother, sustenance of the child,
While distant, still one,
Provide me with your protection and power,
Grant me peace and strength,
So as the mother demands, moon child,
So it must be done.

First, raise the cup towards the sky. Next, drink a few sips of the water. Finally, remove the jewel from the cup and spill the remaining water on the ground. Carry or wear the jewel to ensure your protection.

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