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Passion Booster

Cast this spell to add power to existing passion! This spell should be cast on the night of a full moon.

On the eve of a full moon, light a single beeswax candle. Place the candle on a low table and kneel in front of the candle. Once kneeling, light a Frankincense incense stick and place it to the right of the candle.

Fold your hands in front of the candle and recite the following incantation three times:

Goddess of Love, Passion and Desire, hear my prayer
Let the passion that exists within
Grow to new expanses
Allow the fire that burns within
To grow hotter
Let no damp nor chilly night
Dowse the flames
But rather thaw the icy barrier
And warm the stillness within
Incite to new heights
The passions of my soul
That never may they grow cold.

Once you have repeated this incantation three times, remain kneeling until the incense has dropped sufficient ashes so that you can, with your right index finger dipped in the ash, draw a circle of ash over your heart. When the circle has been drawn, extinguish the candle. The spell is done. Do not wash the ash away. Allow it to wear off naturally.

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