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Passion's Fires Incantation

This is an incantation from Cuba that is used to create passion and lust in the person you desire.

You will need:

Four beeswax candles
A strand of the person's hair
A strand of your own hair
A sheet of paper
A pen or pencil
Olive oil
A metal pan (A square or rectangular cake pan will work)

Place the pan on a surface that will not be harmed by heat. A table is fine, but place something under the pan to protect the table.

Light all four candles and position one at each inside corner of the pan.

On the paper, write the name of the person you desire at the top. Next, write a brief description of the person, as you see them; you do not need to be specific, a general overview is fine.

Now write of your desire for the person, the more detailed the better—express all of your feelings—holding nothing back. Imagine you are telling the person of your feelings and desires while you write. Picture the person through your mind's eye as you detail your desires.

When you have finished writing, dip your finger in the olive oil as needed to trace a large circle on the paper. Inside the circle, once again dip your finger in the oil and trace a second, smaller circle.

Inside the smaller circle, place the strand of hair from the person you desire and the strand of your own hair. Roll the paper, with the hair inside, into a ball.

Set the paper afire and burn it completely in the pan.

Extinguish the candles.

Bury the ashes near where the person lives.

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