Passion Water

A wet and wild spell! This spell can be performed at any time, day or night, but evenings seem to work out best.

You will need a small glass or plastic bottle with a stopper or cap.

Prepare a warm bath with your favorite oils or scents. Lie in the tub and close your eyes. Imagine your favorite fantasy involving your lover. Let your mind run wild!

Use no soap to complete this bath — you're going to save some of the water!

Take your bottle and fill it with water from the bath. Seal the bottle tightly.

Light a beeswax candle and place the bottle near it. Speak the following invocation:

Goddess of Love and Passion, hear my prayer
Bless this water with your kiss
Let fiery passion grow
Hot desires, running free
Like the waters flow!

When you are ready for a night of hot, wet sex, empty the contents of the bottle into a shallow pan or bowl under your bed — then let your passion run wild!

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