Power Spell 1

This power spell is normally used to acquire power or control over outside influences that have intruded into your personal space or environment and are affecting your life.

Draw a circle with a pen or pencil in the center of a piece of natural paper. Outside of the circle, write the things that are affecting your life over which, you feel you have no control. Write as many things as you wish. Do not write anything in the circle. When you have finished writing, dip the tip of your right index finger in Power Oil or natural vegetable oil and trace the following symbol in the center of the circle:

power spell 1

After you have finished tracing the above symbol in the center of the circle, write your name anywhere within the circle, but DO NOT WRITE ON THE OIL!

Carefully, fold the paper in half, writing to the inside, in half again, then in half again and in half again. Place the folded paper preferably under your pillow at night, or if more convenient, under the mattress or bed in which you sleep.

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