Power Spell 2

A magical power spell that works well when cast to confront and dispel the evil intentions or advances of a foe or enemy of light.

In a darkened room, on the eve of a full moon, light and place three candles on a flat surface, such as the top of a table, in the formation of a triangle. In the middle of the triangle, draw a circle using fresh rainwater or Power Oil.

Sit at the table so that two of the candles forming the triangle are nearest you as shown below:

power spell 2

While touching the two candles nearest you, picture in your mind’s eye, the image of the person over whom you wish to gain power standing in the center of the circle.

When you have formed the image in your mind, slowly move the two candles you are touching into the circle so as to surround the image of the person and crowd them. When the two candles are sufficiently within the circle, extinguish those two candles. The image of the person will now appear dimmer. Reach around the circle, not through it, and move the third and furthest candle from you into the circle so as to completely surround the now dim image of the person. Extinguish the third candle. The image of the person will be gone and the spell has been cast.

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