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Bedroom Protection Spell

This is an old spell now primarily used for the protection of one's bedroom. It is believed that it was originally used for the one-room houses of the country folk—especially solitary witches.

You will need:

One beeswax candle
Quiet privacy in the bedroom you wish to protect

Stand in the doorway of your bedroom facing the outside of your room. Light a single beeswax candle and hold it at arm's length. Focus on the flame and repeat the following words:

Work this spell by the fire,
Work it well, now flame dance higher.
Weave this spell of words and heat,
That evil's legions need retreat.
A fiery wall be there for all,
When bad intentions come to call.

Next, do the same at every window or door that allows access to your room proper.

When done, extinguish the candle and hide it under your bed.

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