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Financial Protection Spell

A powerful magic spell to protect your money and finances.

You will need:

One small coin
A beeswax candle
A bottle cap, into which the coin will fit

Light the candle.

Place the bottle cap and the coin in front of the candle.

Repeat the following words:

Spirits and guardians of the riches of the world, I beseech you to visit upon this place at this time.
I beg you entertain my plea for protection of the little that I have gained through honest labor.
Remember me in times of financial trouble and strife and guard over my holdings as if they were your own.
This pittance I offer to seal my promise of faith and as a reminder of the one who has called you and requested your favor this day.

Take the candle and drip some wax into the bottom of the bottle cap. Then place the coin into the melted wax. Next, fill the bottle cap with wax, so that the coin is completely sealed in the wax-filled bottle cap.

Extinguish the candle and then break it. Hide the bottle cap in a place where no one will ever find it. Make sure it is in a secure location.

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