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Anger Protection Spell

An old and highly effective high magic spell for protection against unwarranted anger.

You will need:

Seven beeswax candles
A needle
A cork
A bowl of spring water
A pair of tongs

Place the cork in the bowl of water

Place the seven candles in a circle and as you light each one, repeat the following words:

Burn you now with the heat of anger.

Once all candles have been lighted, carefully hold the needle with the tongs and slowly place the tip of the needle into each of the candle flames. As you place the tip of the needle in each flame, repeat the following words:

Draw the anger, pierce the flame, draw the anger, pierce the flame, draw the anger, pierce the flame.

When you have repeated this process with each candle, drop the needle into the bowl of water with the cork.

Quickly extinguish the candles.

Take the needle and push it into the cork. As you do, repeat these words:

Anger, I confine you!
With this spell I imprison you by the cleansing spirit of the water and by the authority of that spirit plead the air does stop your flight.

Take the bowl of water and sprinkle it lightly around your bed. Then place the cork, with the needle in it, somewhere in the room in which you sleep.

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