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Protection from Evil Spell

A good old spell for protection from all types of evil intrusions into a home, place of business or other type of building.

You will need:

One sewing needle for each opening (window/door) to your home, place of business, or any other building.
Three beeswax candles
A pincushion or cork

Light the three candles and place them in a triangular formation.

Stick all of the needles in the pincushion or cork and place the whole in the center of the three candles.

Repeat the following words:

Spirit of light, by my will I summon you to this place. Cast your favor upon these needles and me.
To each needle, grant your power that no evil intrusion may pass, lest it suffer upon it your unyielding retribution.
By my will I call you.
By your will, let this be done.

Extinguish the candles.

Remove the needles from the pincushion or cork and dip each needle eye into the melted wax.

Place a needle at each and every entrance to the building you wish to protect from evil intrusions.

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