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Evil Spell Counter Protection Spell

An excellent and powerfully effective magic counter spell for protection from evil spells cast against you.

You will need:

Two oak twigs approximately 6 inches long, fresh or dry
A 12 inch length of natural twine
A sprig of fresh Rue
A bowl of spring water

Remove any leaves or shoots from the twigs.

Place the twine in the bowl of water, wetting it completely and allowing it to soak for a few minutes.

Rub the twigs with the sprig of fresh Rue and then place the sprig of Rue in the bowl of water with the twine.

Hold one twig in each hand and repeat the following words aloud:

Right to left and left to right
Bind these twigs and tie them tight
Return each wicked, evil spell
To its sender and teach them well!

Remove the twine from the bowl of water and tie the twigs together to form an X shape with them. Allow the whole to dry in the light of the sun and then keep it in the room where you sleep.

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