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Home Protection Spell

Protection of a Home Spell - An excellent powerful easy to cast magic spell for protecting a home.

You will need:

A glass bottle (such as a wine bottle)
A cork to stop the bottle
Spring Water
Three pinches of ordinary salt
Three cloves of garlic
Three bay leaves
Three pinches of dried fennel
Three pinches of sage
Three pinches of anise
Three pinches of white pepper

Fill the bottle full with spring water.

Begin adding the ingredients, one-by-one.

With each ingredient that you place in your bottle, repeat the following words:

(Name of the ingredient) which protects, keep my house and all that is there safe from harm.

Repeat the incantation for each ingredient. Once that it is finished, firmly stop the bottle with the cork and shake vigorously for about one minute. Hold the bottle in both of your hands and repeat the following words:

By the capacity of these substances, I entreat protective energies of all that is good to keep my house in security. By this be made.

Hide this bottle carefully so that it is not disturbed.

This spell can be repeated as needed.

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