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Ritual of Protection for Your House

This ritual is to protect a residence from bad weather and vandalism. It also attracts positive influences.

You will need:

A beeswax candle
Lavender incense
A handful of cloves
A small green fabric sachet

Light the candle and the incense. Hold the cloves in your right hand and repeat the following words:

With this spell I ask this residence be protected,
Against the hand of the man,
Against weather and the elements,
Against any all things considered evil.

Place the cloves in the green bag.

Extinguish the candle and wave the bag slowly through the smoke of the candle until the candle stops smoking. Next, wave the bag through the smoke of the incense and repeat the following words:

Seal the spell and with this be done

Suspend the bag above one of the principal entrances to your residence.

This is a powerful protection for your residence and you will see a real transformation a few days after having performed this ritual.

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