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Protection Projection Spell

A powerful magic protection spell that can be used for protecting persons or objects over long distances. The level of protection will vary with the will and energy of the worker.

You will need:

A feather (any kind of feather)
A beeswax candle

You will need to be in a darkened, quiet room.

Light the candle. Sit, facing the candle. Hold the feather in your right hand.

Keep your eyes locked on the candle's flame. In your mind's eye, fix an image of the person or object you wish to protect. Continue to focus on the image of the person or object until you feel as if you could reach out and touch the person or thing.

When the image in your mind's eye is completely developed, imagine an invisible, protective shell forming around and enclosing, protecting the person or thing. Now, close your eyes and repeat the following words:

Candle light
Of spirit's sight
Guide this spell
Through its flight

Open your eyes, blow-out the candle and with the feather, quickly fan the smoke from the extinguished candle in all directions and repeat these words as you do so:

Guardian spirit take wing upon the thousand winds and carry my will. Stand over and protect (name the person or object). With my will, I wish it so. Be off!

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