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Protection of a Mate Spell

A powerful and effective easy to cast magic spell for the general protection of a mate.

You will need:

A sheet of parchment paper and a pen or pencil
A beeswax candle
A strand of hair from your mate
A small bottle with a stopper

Light the candle.

Draw a circle in the center of the parchment. In the center of the circle, write the full name of your mate.

Lay the stand of hair in the center of the circle. Drop some melted wax from the candle into the center of the circle and use it to affix the hair to the parchment. Place the candle to the left of the parchment and with your right index finger, trace the circle in a clockwise motion while repeating the following words:

Spirit guardians from the four winds,
follow my mate and be ever watchful.
Let no harm befall him/her
Let no evil find him/her
Let no danger confront him/her
Let no dark spirit tempt him/her
Let no natural catastrophe catch him/her
Let no messenger of death call him/her
Allow no thing under your watchful eye to occur before that time appointed.
These requests—they are my will.
So as are mine—let them also be yours.

Extinguish the candle. Fold or roll the paper and insert it into the bottle. Hide the bottle in a secure place where it will remain undiscovered.

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