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To Protect an Object

This spell works well for the protection of any inanimate object. The consequences of its violation are strong so use this spell wisely.

You will need:

Three beeswax candles
The object you wish to protect

Light all three beeswax candles.

With your index finger, trace a pentacle over the object to be protected. As you trace, repeat the following words:

I place this sign with the knowledge and protection
Of the wind and will of those before me.
Let no one damage that, which bears this seal,
Let no one touch that, which bears this sign,
Let no one pilfer from its rightful place this thing.
Lest that one bear the retribution of the ancients,
In the dark and cold of night.

Trace the pentacle once again and repeat these words:

So it was, so it is, so it always shall be.

Extinguish the candles, one-by-one, repeating each time another candle is extinguished, the following words, once again:

So it was, so it is, so it always shall be.

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