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Spell for Protection of a Relationship

This spell can be used to protect the relationships of two people where love exists.

You will need:

A beeswax candle
Two fresh Rose petals
Two dried apple seeds
A 4" x 4" piece of unbleached cotton or wool fabric
A length of natural twine

Light the candle.

Lay the fabric flat.

Lay each Rose petal on the fabric in front of the candle. In the center of each Rose petal, place an apple seed.

Repeat the following words:

As the heat of the flame, so burns the heat of this love between (name the parties).
With this molten wax, I seal the love as beginning to end, seed to flower, day to night, sunrise to sunset and moon-to-moon.
Let this day be as every day and every day be as this day until the days have come to end at the end of the final moon.

Take the candle and drip wax over the seed in the center of each Rose petal. Do not move the Rose petals. Roll the fabric neatly and secure it with the twine. Extinguish the candle. Tie the packet to the candle with the ends of the twine. Place the whole in a secure and hidden place.

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