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Protection of a Sleeping Child

This magic protection spell is especially beneficial for the warding-off of bad dreams and night-terrors.

You will need:

One beeswax candle
Quiet privacy where the child sleeps

Light the beeswax candle and stand at the foot of the child's bed, facing the head of the bed. Hold the candle with both hands; elbows bent slightly, arms not fully extended.

Repeat the following words:

Let the working of this spell begin.
I call upon the spirits of the sky. Hear me and listen to my plea.
Gather and come close that all may hear.
Watch over this sleeping child, the innocent, this bed and any that may it occupy. Guard against all terrors, real or imagined, that this way come and bring tranquility and peace in their stead.
All that hear, take heed—so be the will—so be the deed.

Extinguish the candle.

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