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Travel Protection Spell

This powerful magic spell is good for protection during any kind of travel, whether it is a short jaunt or a long distance excursion.

You will need:

A white feather (a small one is best)
A bowl of spring water
Four beeswax candles
A compass (if you are unsure of where north, east, south and west are located)

Place the four candles on a table, one at north, one at south, one at east and one at west. Spread them out so you have some room in the center. Place the bowl of water in the center of the candles. Dip your right index finger in the water and touch the north candle on its side, dip your finger again and touch the south candle, then the east and finally the west. Next light the candles in the following order: west, east, south, north. As you light the candles, repeat the following words:

With this flame, I call upon the spirits of the (whichever direction candle you are lighting)

When all the candles are lighted, place the white feather into the bowl of spring water and with it, stir the water in a clockwise direction for about one minute. Remove the feather from the water and wait until the water stops moving. When the water stops, repeat the process of stirring the water, only this time in a counter-clockwise direction for about one minute. Remove the feather and hold it above the bowl in the center of the candles. Repeat the following words:

Spirits of the winds, empower this symbol and watch over the traveler who carries it.

While still holding the feather in the center of the candles, extinguish the candles in the following order: north, south, east, west.

Always carry the feather when traveling.

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