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Passion Spells and Rituals

The Passion Spells of France is a collection for lovers. Twenty sensual spells have been translated into English and combined in this one collection designed to add fire and drive to the romance animal that dwells within us all.

This collection is recommended for experienced practitioners or the adventurous and the publisher and distributor of this collection or any of its parts shall be held harmless against and free from all liabilities. The purchaser, user, owner or holder of this collection, by their possession of it in whole or in part, shall stand noticed and agree that they are solely liable for their actions and the outcomes. These spells are distributed as curios only and intended for entertainment.

France has had a long and rich history of magick and powerful spells. It was, at one time, a bubbling cauldron of witches and sorcerers. Tragically, fear and eventually persecution and murderous execution eliminated many of these simple country folk. But they were a strong and proud people, determined that the memory of their works should never die. Magickal rituals and spells were passed on in an oral tradition and eventually came to be recorded in the form of the written word. Many traditions, spells and rituals survived the executioner's blade and rope, but most of them, until now, have remained unknown.

Magic from The Spells of France

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