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Psychic Reception Spell

A powerful and potent magic spell for psychic reception that Karanina obtained and brought back from the Aborigines of Australia.

You will need:

A beeswax candle
A bowl of water
A small stone

In a darkened room, sit at a table. Make sure you are comfortable — the room should not be too cold or too warm.

Light the candle and place it approximately an arm's length away.

Place the bowl of water on the table in front of you.

Hold the stone, clasped firmly in your hand, close your eyes and allow your mind to go blank. Clear your thoughts and allow no worries to enter your mind. Once you have cleared your mind, slowly begin to focus on the stone in your hand. Allow your thoughts to begin channeling through the stone and imagine your thoughts spreading through the universe. Imagine your mind traveling through the stone to the open spaces of the universe and searching — searching for communications — allowing contact and being warmly receptive. When you feel relaxed and receptive and you are comfortable with where your mind is, open your eyes and gently drop the stone into the water.

Dip the index finger of your right hand into the water and with your moistened finger, trace a circle, three times, one over the other, on your forehead. Lean over the water and allow your mind to remain connected, through the stone, with the universe. Allow the messages to be received.

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