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Ridding Spell

A magic spell to be rid of an affliction. This spell can be used to rid one's self of many sorts of afflictions and to renew one's strength following an affliction.

You will need:

A quart of fresh spring water
A large bowl
Two small bowls
A silver knife
A lock of lamb's wool
Pure, virgin olive oil
Red wine vinegar
A circle of white, cotton cloth
A few blades of green grass
A beeswax candle

Pour the spring water into a large bowl placed in a dark room on a flat surface, such as a tabletop. Light the beeswax candle. By candlelight, take the silver knife and write with its point upon the water's surface, the name of that which afflicts you.

Pour some olive oil in one of the small bowls and soak the lamb's wool in the oil.

Next, pour some red wine vinegar in the other bowl and soak the lamb's wool in the vinegar.

Remove the wool from the vinegar and drop it into the water. Speak the following words aloud:

Dark be lightened,
Harsh made gentle,
Sour sweetened,
Through the power of the blade,
And the water's strength.

Leave the lamb's wool there to soak all night, until sunrise, when it should be removed, wrung out, and set to dry upon a small circle of white cotton cloth. Meanwhile, the contents of the bowl should be emptied out onto the ground. When the lamb's wool is fully dry, it should be sewn up in the circle of cotton cloth and pinned beneath your clothing, to be worn there for a full month. Thereafter, the pouch of wool should be kept in a safe, secret place, so that its powers will not diminish.

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