Ritual of Enhancement from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Ritual of Enhancement

A steamy ritual used to incite and enhance passion in your lover from Silkira's Romance Magic, a rare collection of powerful magic romance spells designed for heightened pleasure and Emotional satisfaction.

Approximately two hours prior to when you expect to have romance with your partner, go into the room where the lovemaking will take place and light a single beeswax candle. Place the candle on a table near the bed.

In a cup or small bowl, pour approximately 1/2 cup of spring water. Into the water, pour about one tablespoon of scented body oil. Place the index finger of your left hand in the mixture of water and oil; hold the candle in your right hand.

Speak the following words:

Water, oil, molten wax
In romance and passion do relax
Candle burn, ignite the fires
Of our romance desires
Build and burn
Twist and turn
For the satisfaction yearn!

Remove your finger from the water and oil. Drip at least seven drops or more of the melted wax from the candle into the mixture. Stir the mixture with your right index finger and then slowly and gently rub the mixture over your skin. Sprinkle a small amount of the mixture onto the bed.

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