Roots of Lust

A ritual for increasing the base desire of your lover.

This spell works best on the night of a waxing moon for optimum results.

Light a stick or cone of Myrrh incense. Place it on a table. Light two beeswax candles and place them on either side of the incense. Sprinkle a little spring water on your shoulders and then wipe the water off with a clean, white, cotton cloth, such as a handkerchief or washcloth. Lay the damp fabric flat on the table. Pick the fabric up by the two corners nearest you and wave the fabric gently through the smoke from the incense. As you wave the fabric through the incense, speak the following words:

Smoke and fire
Heat and flame
In my lover, plant the same
Passion's throes and pleasures mesh
In my lover's heart and flesh
Burn deep, burn long
Sexual desire strong!

When you have spoken the words, take the fabric and rub it over your wrists, neck and ankles.

Extinguish the candles.

Place the fabric under your lover's mattress or bed.

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