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Search Protection Spell

A magic spell for protection against evil powers while searching for all types of things.

You will need:

Three fresh oak (any kind of oak) twigs approximately 4 inches long
A length of twine
Three cloves of fresh garlic
A bowl of river, stream, or spring water

Place the bowl of water on a flat surface, such as a tabletop.

Rub each twig with a new clove of fresh garlic and drop each twig and the used garlic clove in the bowl of water as you finish each one.

Allow the twigs and garlic to remain in the bowl of water for approximately five minutes, then remove the twigs from the water, but leave the garlic in the water.

Lay the three twigs on the table to form a triangle. Speak aloud the following words:

Mother Earth, send your power,
To form a shield against all evil,
Let no wicked thing draw near,
And send all evil far from here,
Guard this place from all ill fates,
And have your servant guard the gates,
Mother Earth, please use your might,
And let pass only, good and right.

Pick up the twigs and tie them into a bundle with the twine. Place the bundle of twigs near the front door to provide a barrier against all evil powers.

Dispose of the water and used garlic.

Bonus Search Spell

A power spell for the "seeker" in all of us

This spell adds power to the search, be it spiritual or physical. It is the most powerful when worked during a new moon in the Spring.

You will need:

Four small, green twigs
A bowl of river or spring water
Four beeswax candles
A compass
A small, smooth stone

Place the bowl of water in the center of a table. Using the compass, position the four candles around the bowl, one at north, one at south, one at east and one at west. Place one twig at the base of each candle. Next light the candles in the following order: north, east, south, and west. Once the candles have been lighted, place the stone in the bowl of water and speak aloud the following words:

Fire's flame from north to south,
East to west is all the same,
Seeking high and searching low,
With me stay, wherever I go.

Once you have spoken the words, remove the stone from the bowl of water, lay the stone on the table where the bowl was, and set the bowl of water to the side. Place the twigs around the stone so as to frame the stone in a square, laying the twigs at right angles to each other. Once this has been done, allow the stone to remain framed by the twigs, undisturbed, for approximately thirty minutes. At the end of thirty minutes, extinguish the candles, but allow the stone and twigs to remain undisturbed for another thirty minutes. At the end of those thirty minutes, take the twigs and place one in the northern, eastern, southern and western areas of your home in a location where they will remain undisturbed.

Carry the stone with you whenever you "seek" or "search".

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