Emotional Ally Spell

To gain another as a romance ally for whatever reason desired, you must first obtain a sample of hair, nail, blood or bodily excretion from the individual whose alliance you wish to secure.

At the midnight of a waxing moon, you will need light two candles. The candles should be placed side-by-side on a flat table or surface.

On a piece of paper, torn or cut neatly to a circle the diameter equal to a hand's length, write the following symbols in its center:




Below these symbols, write the full name of the person whose romance alliance you seek. Above the symbols, write your full name. On top of the symbols, in the middle of the circle of paper, place the bodily sample of the person.

Repeat the following invocation:

In thy name I beg thy aid
That with it may this spell be made
This union ever to remain
Two separate links to form a chain

Place a drop or two of wax from each candle directly into the center of it all and having so done, extinguish the candles. Fold the paper into a small packet and fasten it with a length of cord. Conceal the packet away so that it may not be easily discovered.

Magic from The Spells of France

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