Emotional Risk Romance Spell from Silkira's Romance Magic
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Emotional Risk Spell

A spell for daring lovers! Watch-out for this one, it can get you into trouble. This spell works best on the night of a waning moon for optimum results.

On the eve of a waning moon, light four beeswax candles and place them in position to form a square. In the center of the square place a piece of jewelry that you often wear and a piece of jewelry that your lover often wears. If one or neither of you wears jewelry, an article of frequently-worn clothing may be substituted. Please note that for the spell to work if you are substituting clothing for jewelry, the clothing must be clean.

Once the items have been place in the square, crossover the candles, exchanging positions to form an X, as illustrated below:

emotional risk

Once this has been done, extinguish the candles. Remove the items of jewelry or articles of clothing only after all of the candles have all been extinguished.

Wear the items as normal and wait for the adventure to begin!

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