Shudders and Shakes

A ritual to bring your lovemaking to a shuddering climax! This magic spell works best when performed late in the day.

You will need a small, clear, glass jar with a lid (an empty baby food jar works well). You will also need a hair from your lover, one of your own hairs, two apple seeds, apple cider vinegar and a full pinch of baking soda.

Place a piece of white fabric on a table top. Light a single beeswax candle and place it on the table. Turn the jar upside-down and hold it, open-end down, over the burning candle for a few seconds — just long enough to allow smoke from the candle to enter the jar. Turn the jar right-side-up and place it on the table. Fill the jar half full with vinegar. Into the vinegar place your hair, your lover's hair and the two apple seeds. Swirl the jar around to fully wet the hairs.

Holding the candle in your left hand, speak the following words:

In this mixture is the start
To build desire of the heart
Grow and boil in fires flame
Desire that no kiss can tame
Shudder, shake with waves of pleasure
Far too great to ever measure!

Drop the full pinch of baking soda into the jar. Do not touch the jar until the contents have settled. Once they have fully settled, place the lid on the jar, extinguish the candle and hide the jar in the room where the lovemaking will take place.

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