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Four Winds Protection Spell

Protection Spell of the Four Major Winds - An ancient and powerful magic protection spell which draws upon the strength of the four major winds for its power.

You will need:

Solitude and privacy
A compass (if needed to determine direction)

On the night of a full moon, go outside to an open area where you will be exposed to the moon?s full light.

Facing north repeat the following words:

Spirit of the north wind, hear my voice!

Then, face to the east and repeat the same words, only this time call to the spirit of the east wind. Then do the same with the south and then finally the west.

Turn to the north once again and repeat the following words:

Spirits of the winds gather near and hear my plea.
I come to ask that you guard me with the powers granted you.
That the neither earth nor water shall hold sway and that no evil abomination be let enter the circle of protection that the Spirit of the Moon has cast upon me.
Enter now unto your hand this simple task.
This be your will, this thing I ask.

Still facing north, repeat the following words:

Say the spirit of the north — It shall be so!

Then face east and say the same, then south and finally west.

The spell is done.

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