Spell of the Cleansing River

This spell is to be used to wash away bad memories and cleanse the mind of sorrow and pain, thereby preparing one to operate freely within a relationship.

You must obtain two bowls of water from a river or stream and a small, smooth stone from its bed. The bowls should be of equal size and each half-full.

A solitary candle should be lighted and the bowls placed on either side of it. Hold the stone in your left hand (Note: Do not touch the stone with your right hand again until instructed to do so). Bring to mind those memories you wish to be diminished and finally swept away. With your left hand, the stone need be passed through the candle's flame whilst the following words are spoken aloud:

Into thee my memories pass, sorrow, pain and fear
And with thy washing clean
Be made to disappear.

Place the stone in the bowl to your left and rub the stone as if cleaning it, using only your left hand. Remove the stone and repeat the following invocation:

Spirit of the River, as with this stone
So, cleanse my mind and make my memory smooth
Allow life to pass as the water of thy river
Passes over the tumbling stone until it tumbles no more
But rests and settles
Freed from the current.

Move the stone to your right hand and place it in the bowl of water to your right. Allow the stone to lie at the bottom of the bowl. With your right hand, gently swirl the water in the bowl. When the water stops moving, extinguish the candle, remove the stone from the bowl using your right hand, place it on a piece of clean, fine cloth and allow it to dry in the air. When thoroughly dry, the stone should be placed under your pillow whilst you sleep. This practice should continue until your memories have faded sufficiently to suit you.

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